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Why look for funny quotes about exes?

Although love is the most beautiful of feelings, it remains one of the most unpleasant once your relationship has ended. It is difficult to get over a break-up. That’s the number one reason why there are thousands of quotes on the web about nothing else. When your ex leaves you and you don’t agree with it, it clearly hurts.

That said, there are situations where break-ups seem to make some people laugh. Your loved ones will certainly be there to try and make up for your ex’s loss, and what better way than with funny quotes about exes to put a smile on your face.

Why look for quotes about the ex?

When the relationship ends, an awful feeling comes over your mind. You feel negative emotions and you want to leave everything behind: your heart is taking a beating that you are not ready to accept.

This is what makes you try to fight against all these emotions that make you feel bad. It’s not always easy and it probably doesn’t go as planned. Each person has their own way of seeing things and reacting to all possible situations.

It is, in fact, in these moments that people get angry and say things that they do not take responsibility for afterwards. To deal with the shock, you don’t do things by halves! Writing is sometimes the escape that means so much to so many people during a break-up.

This is an easy one that you can choose to follow by making yourself believe that this person was clearly not your soul mate. All these quotes about exes make you think and sometimes give you the strength to move on in the belief that they are true. These quotes make you think about the self-esteem that you should always keep within yourself.
Some funny quotes about exes

When your partner becomes your ex, you have a thousand reasons to say bad things about them:

  • he left you for no reason ;
  • he cheated on you;
  • he played with your feelings;
  • he prefers someone else to you.

That’s why finding funny quotes about exes is fun. Here are some of them:

Quote from Jérôme Pasbecq

Getting the ex-husband out of your life has an advantage; sorting your waste is a great ecological plus!

Quote that appeared in the film The Student

Who is Nicolas? Erm… My ex-child, my ex-wife’s son, well… my ex’s… Married married? Separated separated.

Quotes from some internet users

  • “My ex is in a relationship? So what? I’ve never forbidden the dustmen to take away my rubbish”;
  • “Exes are exercises;
  • “Dating your ex is like watching the Titanic a second time and hoping it doesn’t sink.

So, you will certainly have something to hold on to and never think about getting back together with your ex.

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