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What is the meaning of the different planets in astrology?

We’ve all become addicted to astrological signs, because when we read them, we often discover that the personality traits described match our own. But how do astrologers achieve such accuracy? The answer to this question is simple and can be summed up in a few words: planets and charts.

If you have never heard of these words, we let you discover them in this article. How to know your birth chart? What is the meaning of the planets according to the birth chart?

How to know your birth chart?

In recent years, astrological signs have become a real trend. From now on, everyone wants to understand their astrological sign and discover, at the same time, their different compatibilities. Indeed, if we compare the current practice with the astrology of the past, we can immediately notice that the definition of the signs is not as detailed as today. Moreover, there was no scale to estimate the compatibility between the astrological signs. That said, do you know how astrologers go about defining the astrological signs? Well, they refer to the planets and more specifically to the astral chart.

What is the astral chart?

The astral chart consists of the alignment of the planets, more precisely, the stars of the solar system. In fact, each planet has its own meaning. When combined with the definition of your astrological sign, it gives you indications about your love life, the character traits of your astrological sign, as well as some predictions about your personal or professional life.

How to determine your birth chart?

To determine your birth chart, you will need three parameters:

  • the date of your birth ;
  • the time of your birth;
  • the place of your birth.

By having this information, astrologers can know the alignment of the planets on the day you were born. Be aware that even if two people are born on the same day and at the same time, the alignment of the planets of these individuals will be totally different if they do not have the same birthplace. To find out what the sky looked like on the day you were born, you can ask an astrology specialist.

What is the meaning of the planets according to the birth chart?

As we explained earlier, the birth chart is based on the alignment of the planets on the day of your birth. Based on these alignments and their meaning, you can determine your true personality traits. The planets that are the basis of the birth chart are related to the solar system. You will find their meaning below:

Planet 1: The Sun

The Sun represents the image of the person, in other words his will, his dynamism, his spirit and his love. The sun describes mainly masculine traits.

Planet 2: The Moon

The moon is the planet of feminine emotions, namely intimacy, maternal feelings, etc.

Planet 3: Mercury

Mercury represents a person’s faculties, in other words, their ability to communicate, express their feelings, relate to others, etc.

Planet 4: Venus

Venus reflects a person’s feelings, that is to say, his emotions, his feelings, his expressions, his behavior when he is in love, his physical attractions, etc.

Planet 5: Mars

The planet Mars represents the dynamic side of the person, his energetic stimuli and his strongest desires.

Planet 6: Jupiter

The planet Jupiter focuses on the professional side of the person, therefore, his success, his career evolution, etc.

Planet 7: Saturn

The planet Saturn informs us about the obstacles that can disrupt the personal and professional life of the person.

Planet 8: Uranus

The planet Uranus determines the vital needs for the well-being of a person, such as independence, change, etc.

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