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These 3 zodiac signs will be at the center of family tensions

We are in May 2023 and astrology offers us a multitude of possibilities. Mercury is retrograde and the effects of this energy are both beneficial and negative. Pluto is also retrograde, which will affect our lives and our relationships. These two retrograde planets can lead to family conflicts and difficult situations for some zodiac signs.

In this article, we will discuss the astrological predictions related to these movements. We’ll look at how signs will be affected by the effects of retrograde planets and how they can cope. Finally, we’ll give advice on how to get through this difficult time, staying calm and focusing on the positive aspects.The planetary movements can have a significant influence on our lives and May will certainly be a month to watch closely. Mercury and Pluto retrograde in May, which will inevitably have an effect on certain zodiac signs. Those under the influence of these stars will enjoy a renewed sense of inspiration and power. However, this combination can also cause family unrest, as issues of inheritance, responsibility and territory can lead to conflict. As a result, those signs that will be most exposed to this energy will need to balance their own needs with those of others. Conscious decisions will be essential to avoid unnecessary conflict.


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In May, Leos will be influenced by planets and astral forces that will cause family conflicts and challenges. You will face challenges and power struggles in your home. You will face many difficult issues that may test your loyalty and sense of justice. Events may lead to moments of deep resentment, but they will also help you open up to others and learn to understand them better.


Librans will be influenced by planetary movements that will help them improve their family relationships. You can expect new opportunities to arise in your home and your relationships to improve. This is an excellent opportunity to reconcile and ease tensions. You can also use this positive influence to open new lines of communication with your loved ones and forge more powerful bonds.


In May, Sagittarians will be influenced by the stars to address some family difficulties. You will have to face some family conflicts directly. You will be faced with a series of difficult decisions that may make you doubt your own beliefs. However, this can also be a good opportunity to learn to better understand those around you and develop a deeper sense of empathy.

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