How to know if my ex is suffering? Clues that don’t deceive!

If you are a person who has gone through a breakup, you have probably already asked yourself the following questions: Is my ex in pain? Did I make the right decision in leaving him? Is he suffering like me? So many questions that plague your mind and in this article, we will try to answer … Read more

Love breakup quotes to cheer yourself up and move on!

Yes, a separation hurts your heart! Tears, tissues and swollen, red eyes. Let the dark days and the first headaches begin. But luckily, the grief doesn’t last forever. All it takes is friends, pizza and several kinds of ice cream to make you feel better. Why do we always look for quotes after a romantic … Read more

Be able to read the signs of breakup in your man

It is well known that men and women think and react differently. A woman is more sentimental than a man and gets attached more than him. In the life of a couple, everything must be shared, love and honesty too. However, men express themselves differently. When a man wants to break up and does not … Read more