How to know if my ex is suffering? Clues that don’t deceive!

If you are a person who has gone through a breakup, you have probably already asked yourself the following questions: Is my ex in pain? Did I make the right decision in leaving him? Is he suffering like me? So many questions that plague your mind and in this article, we will try to answer … Read more

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Impossible love breakup letter: how to write a goodbye letter?

A break up can happen for many reasons, it can be a professional reason, a family reason… but this is not our subject. You decide to end a relationship by sending a letter since it’s not always easy to do it in person. If you think writing a letter is the best way for you, … Read more

Love breakup quotes to cheer yourself up and move on!

Yes, a separation hurts your heart! Tears, tissues and swollen, red eyes. Let the dark days and the first headaches begin. But luckily, the grief doesn’t last forever. All it takes is friends, pizza and several kinds of ice cream to make you feel better. Why do we always look for quotes after a romantic … Read more

How do you move on when you are haunted by your ex?

“Giving it time” is a phrase that often comes up after a breakup, but sometimes it’s not as easy to do as it is to say. After the breakup, the hurts are usually hard to deal with, and forgetting a loved one proves not to be a simple thing, especially when the smallest thing or … Read more

Make your ex laugh by sms: examples to inspire you

It is possible during your love life to go through difficult moments that can lead to a breakup. Spending your days in sorrow and sadness is absolutely useless, do not be discouraged, there is a solution to every problem. Humor is a very strong weapon, it helps to soothe the hearts that are saddened and … Read more

How to overcome a break-up?

The success of a married couple’s relationship depends on several social, economic and, above all, emotional parameters in order to face all the challenges that the man and the woman will encounter in their daily life. Unfortunately, some couples do not succeed in overcoming the hazards of life and in this case, divorce is the … Read more

How to avoid hurting your partner with a breakup message?

Sad adult man complaining reading bad news on mobile phone in the street in winter

Breaking up always hurts, it’s a hard thing to say, especially when you don’t want to hurt the person you’re with. Although you have had a great time together, your relationship is coming to an end. If you don’t want to break up with your partner face-to-face because you can’t find the right words, it’s … Read more

Be able to read the signs of breakup in your man

It is well known that men and women think and react differently. A woman is more sentimental than a man and gets attached more than him. In the life of a couple, everything must be shared, love and honesty too. However, men express themselves differently. When a man wants to break up and does not … Read more

Why look for funny quotes about exes?

Although love is the most beautiful of feelings, it remains one of the most unpleasant once your relationship has ended. It is difficult to get over a break-up. That’s the number one reason why there are thousands of quotes on the web about nothing else. When your ex leaves you and you don’t agree with … Read more

How to overcome a love loss?

Having a lover to share your life with is something that leaves you more motivated in your daily life. But sometimes it happens that the couple doesn’t agree on things and they argue and then choose to break up. This is where the grief phase comes in, and it is different from person to person … Read more

Getting over a breakup in a few steps

Back view backlighting silhouette of a man alone on a swing looking at empty seat at sunset on the beach in winter

Experiencing a breakup is not as easy as it sounds, some therapists refer to this painful ordeal as grief. During this period, the person experiences a succession of moods within a short period of time and goes through levels of acceptance of the new situation. This therapy is divided into two main headings describing the … Read more

Breaking up: How long to get over it?

A breakup is a painful experience that causes a great emotional upheaval. The question then arises: How long does it take to find the strength and courage to get over it? Although each individual goes through this period in his or her own way, there are specific actions that can be taken to begin to … Read more