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Personality test: what is your relationship with money, are you thrifty or spendy?

Personality tests are a tool that can help understand a person’s behaviors and motivations. They are often used in recruitment or professional assessments, but also to gain a more personal insight into how a person sees and behaves. This personality test aims to better understand how a person approaches money management and whether they are stingy, thrifty, or spendthrift. The questions focus primarily on a person’s financial attitudes, practices, and opinions about money and what it means to them.

To take the test, simply determine what you see first in the image below:

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The results of your choice show whether a person is more willing to save or spend. There is no right or wrong answer, as each attitude may have its advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this test is to give a better idea of a person’s money management preferences so that they can make informed decisions that are best for them.

People who see two crocodiles first

They have an adventurous and curious spirit and are willing to take a chance when they see an interesting opportunity. They are very enthusiastic and often think of ways to move forward with their projects. They are generally persistent and not easily discouraged. They are always looking for new opportunities and strive to seize them when they arise.

These people look for opportunities first which can make them more than thrifty and can go as far as being cheap. These people prefer to plan their actions are very rational beings. They tend to be methodical and organized, which helps them to achieve their goals successfully. In addition, they can be very creative and find innovative solutions to the problems they encounter. They know how to make the best use of their resources and prioritize a well laid out plan.

People who see a bird first

These people follow their instincts and are very intuitive. They trust their intuition to make decisions and act quickly. They do not let preconceived ideas or social conventions stop them, which can help them explore new possibilities. They tend to have a broad and global vision, which helps them to quickly understand the complex issues related to the different situations they face. They rely on their instincts to make decisions and take action.

These people are also very generous and can even be very spendthrift. Risk-takers are bold individuals who are not afraid to take on difficult challenges. They dare to step out of their comfort zone, which can allow others to explore new perspectives. They can be very creative in solving problems, as they are not limited by social conventions or a lack of imagination. They enjoy facing the unknown and see risks as an opportunity to explore.

This test was fun and we hope you had as much fun taking it as we did create it! Don’t forget to share this test with your friends and join us again tomorrow on our website for a new personality test. Remember, it’s meant for entertainment and has no scientific value!

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