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Personality Test: What do you see first? This test will determine if you are a people person or an intractable person!

Personality testing is a tool used to better understand an individual’s personality and character traits. It can be used to obtain information about a person’s mood, behavior and emotional intelligence. Personality tests are very diverse and can be used to make diagnoses, to analyze behaviors and motivations, or to improve decision making. Some tests can even be used to assess suitability for a specific job or career. Psychological tests are designed so that the answers given reflect as much as possible the true personality and character of a person.

Let’s start today’s test, to determine if you are a rational person or a dreamer. So what do you see first in the image below?

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Do you see a hand first?

People who see a hand first are visionaries and dreamers. They have a high degree of awareness of their environment and can often see the “big picture”. These people are very creative, imaginative and have an open mind. They are intuitive thinkers who process information at an abstract level, rather than a concrete level. Hand-first people are very intuitive and have an ability to perceive what is invisible to others. They are also very sensitive to the feelings of others and have the gift of empathy.

They are generally very sociable and outgoing. They like to be around people and enjoy the company of others. They are also very optimistic, enthusiastic and empathetic towards others. First sighted people like to learn new things, share their knowledge with others, but most of all, they like to stimulate their minds with exciting conversations.

Do you see the tree first?

Tree-first people are methodical and rational. These people prefer to think about the facts before making a decision, as they like to have all the information they need before starting a project. These people are very logical and rational, and they like to explore the processes and structure of things. Tree-first people know how to think outside the box to solve complex problems.

They are usually very independent and curious. They do not seek much outside approval, preferring to explore their own ideas and passions without fear of judgment from others. These people are very innovative and creative, which allows them to see solutions to problems that might be considered unsolvable by others. People who have seen the tree first, tend to take things into their own hands rather than relying on others.

Thank you for taking the time to do this test! We hope you enjoyed the fun way it helped you learn a little more about yourself. Join us tomorrow for another personality test and be sure to share it with your friends. Remember, this test is for entertainment purposes and has no scientific value!

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