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These 3 signs must be prepared to face a family crisis.

In April 2023, we see the influence of Mercury in Taurus spreading across the zodiac. This planet, the fastest in the solar system, acts with subtlety and causes changes in the different aspects of our lives.

The astrological signs that are most affected by this influence will be particularly affected in their family life. If you have a family member who was born under one of these constellations, you should be prepared for difficult times.

In addition, this period can weaken family relationships and create tension between family members. The stars warn us that this period will be marked by significant challenges and moments of stress that could affect everyone’s well-being.

It is important to recognize the effects of this period on your family and how to deal with them. In this article, we’ll look at the different zodiac signs and examine their astrological predictions for April. We’ll explain what you can expect and how you can best handle this time.The planetary movements this month are very important and we expect their influences to be more intense than ever. Mercury moves into Taurus, and that means we will all be affected by its influence. Mercury is associated with communication, thought and spirit. So we should all be able to communicate more clearly and effectively. Some astrological signs will benefit more than others from Mercury’s influence, which means that they will be able to better manage family relationships as they arise. Those experiencing difficult family situations may find unexpected solutions and ways to improve their relationships with loved ones.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

This month, Gemini will face family tensions. Indeed, the tensions between Mars and Saturn can create obstacles. The planets Mercury and Neptune are favorable and offer some wisdom and intuitiveness. The Black Moon will make their choices more difficult, but not impossible.

The transit of the Moon can strengthen the decisions made by Gemini, but they must be careful not to be influenced by their emotions. They must also consider their surroundings and take into account the opinions of others before making a decision. The planets Venus and Uranus will bring stability to their relationships.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Capricorns will face difficult family situations in April. The planet Mercury is retrograde this month, which may make communication more complicated. However, the planets Jupiter and Venus will offer support and encourage Capricorns to focus on love and peace.

Saturnian forces could also influence Capricorns during this month. This can be an intense time for them, as they may have to make difficult decisions about their families. They need to listen carefully to their inner guides and make decisions that will respect their values.

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

For Sagittarians, April will be a difficult month when they will have to deal with family issues. The planet Mars is in opposition with Pluto, which means this could be a very stressful time for them. The planet Uranus will be favorable at certain times of the month and will bring some stability to their lives.

Sagittarians will have to learn to manage their stress and remain calm in all circumstances. They will have to be careful in their decisions as the planet Neptune can make communication more complicated. It is important for them to be open to suggestions from those around them, as this can help in finding solutions to problems that arise.

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