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Love breakup quotes to cheer yourself up and move on!

Yes, a separation hurts your heart! Tears, tissues and swollen, red eyes. Let the dark days and the first headaches begin. But luckily, the grief doesn’t last forever.

All it takes is friends, pizza and several kinds of ice cream to make you feel better.

Why do we always look for quotes after a romantic breakup?

You tell yourself that you will never be able to love as intensely. And that you’re not meant for love. That you’ll end up alone in your house with twenty cats.

At that point, after moments of despair, you head to the web to quench your desire for oblivion by posting all sorts of love breakup quotes that you can find on your social networks.

However, what is the reason why we feel the need to broadcast these separation phrases?

The end of your relationship is a tragic event. We feel like getting the message out and showing our sadness and anger.

The best way to move forward is to use quotes. They are inspirational and easy to relate to. Saying that this sentence embodies us and reflects our situation perfectly!

Our selection of the most beautiful quotes of love breakup

Many famous and anonymous authors have written quotes about love separation. Discover the most striking quotes that will allow you to take stock of this painful period of your life.

To lift your spirits

“One of the best times to discover who you are and what you really want out of life? Right after the breakup.” Mandy Hal

“Hearts will never be practical until they are unbreakable.” The Wizard of Oz

“I will always be your friend; I will always have the deepest affection for you. These two years of our affair will never fade from my memory; they will forever be the most beautiful time of my life. But love, you see, this transport of the senses, this involuntary intoxication, this oblivion of all interests and all duties, I no longer have it” Benjamin Constant

Funny quotes

  • “I never hated a man after a breakup so much that I gave him back his diamonds.” ZSA- Gabor;
  • “Exes are like prison, if you go back, you haven’t understood anything” jemeremetsdemarupture.com ;
  • “It is obviously very hard not to be loved anymore when one loves, but that is not comparable to being loved again when one does not love anymore” Georges Courteline.

The quotes about breaking up with someone in love are all the more relevant because they allow us to realize that everyone can be heartbroken, that we are not the only ones.

A breakup with your man or your best friend does not exempt you from the obligation to keep these secrets. We must not forget this point, because it is true that we tend to seek revenge given the immensity of the pain felt, but let us not forget our beautiful moments and our memories.

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