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Impossible love breakup letter: how to write a goodbye letter?

A break up can happen for many reasons, it can be a professional reason, a family reason… but this is not our subject. You decide to end a relationship by sending a letter since it’s not always easy to do it in person. If you think writing a letter is the best way for you, read on.

We’ll bring you several sample breakup letters with tips on how to get through the breakup without sinking into grief.

Tips for writing a breakup letter

If you want to write a breakup letter, we suggest you read these tips first. First of all, you have to know how to write your love breakup letter at the right time, preferably after you have channeled your emotions.

  • You must write naturally and clearly so that you are understood;
  • Do not try to blame the partner;
  • Avoid misunderstanding and confusion;
  • We advise you to mention good moments to soften the situation and reduce tensions;
  • Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness at the end of the letter, especially if you are at fault!
  • It is on a positive tone that the letter should end;
  • Once the letter is written, you must reread it and make sure you have written it in the right way without mistakes.

Sample breakup letter

Faced with this situation, it is quite normal that you are upset and that you have difficulty finding the right words.

You should know that there is no perfect letter template, each person has his own emotions and expresses himself in his own way.

Take the time you need to write your letter. You can go over the sentences several times until you are sure of yourself and what you want to express and most important of all, sincerity.

Model 1

We have arrived at a moment that was so dreaded, a moment when I write my last love letter, a moment when I address you words that come from my heart. We have lived a beautiful story, with its ups and downs. I don’t want it to end in a bad way so I write this letter to say goodbye with a hurt heart and teary eyes. However, first of all, I understand that you don’t have feelings towards me anymore.

Model 2

This letter will hurt you, I know, but know that I needed a lot of courage to tell you. I have made the decision to end our relationship, a decision I have thought about for a long time, but I know that our love is not possible, unfortunately. I have lived an exceptional experience, I felt so serene in your arms, but each of us must continue our life far from the other.

Indeed, a farewell letter is never easy to write, these tips and letter templates will be of great help to you so feel free to get inspired and never forget that you can overcome this difficulty.

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