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How to overcome a love loss?

Having a lover to share your life with is something that leaves you more motivated in your daily life. But sometimes it happens that the couple doesn’t agree on things and they argue and then choose to break up.

This is where the grief phase comes in, and it is different from person to person depending on the personality of the two lovers, as well as the reason for the breakup. To learn more about grief, we invite you to read the following lines.

What are the phases of grief?

Pain, tears, fear of starting a new relationship … All this happens after a breakup, but to move on, it is necessary to mourn, including through the following phases:

Shock and denial after the breakup

This is a feeling that comes after every breakup, where you feel like the world is going to collapse around you and that nothing matters anymore. You feel empty, frozen, and you have the impression that time stops and does not move anymore.

Thus, we cannot accept that our love relationship is definitively over and that we will no longer share our life with this person.

Anger and sadness

Then you feel angry towards your lover, and even towards yourself. And then we start to cry and to sink thinking that we are never going to get out of this bad situation and that the sadness will never go away. We then start to look for the reasons of this rupture.


In this phase, you come to recognize that the breakup has happened, and you lose interest in many of the things and activities that used to make your life more enjoyable.

Acceptance and reconstruction

Finally comes the phase where you accept the reality, you find your strength and get out of your pain and isolation.

After that, you start a new life by rebuilding yourself by doing new activities, making new projects and creating links with other people.

How long does a love loss last?

The duration of a love loss is different from one person to another, most often depending on:

  • The reason for the romantic breakup;
  • The context of the breakup;
  • The psychological state of the couple…

Indeed, it is not an exact science or norms to follow, each person grieves in his or her own way and at his or her own pace.

Some studies and international references say that it can take 12 months to properly grieve when you are an adult, and 6 months when you are a child, because children have a greater capacity for resilience.

However, there is nothing linear about it: expressing your feelings can be easy, but become difficult right after.

The good thing is that the fact of determining a period of mourning reassures and makes many people feel safe.

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