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How do you move on when you are haunted by your ex?

“Giving it time” is a phrase that often comes up after a breakup, but sometimes it’s not as easy to do as it is to say. After the breakup, the hurts are usually hard to deal with, and forgetting a loved one proves not to be a simple thing, especially when the smallest thing or gesture brings the memories to the surface.

So, how can we grieve? This article will answer this question and provide you with some useful tips to help you.

Why am I haunted by my ex?

If you’ve recently broken up with your ex, it’s perfectly normal for him or her to haunt your thoughts, whether in the middle of the day or at night. And it doesn’t mean that you want to get back together. It could be the result of attachment to the person or fear of being single or something like that:

  • A breakup that ended badly;
  • You are still communicating;
  • You are nostalgic;
  • Reminders from your subconscious;
  • You dream about your ex.

Tips for getting over the breakup if you are haunted by your ex

With this in mind, our tips will certainly help you:

Don’t be afraid to open up or express your feelings

Finding a sympathetic ear and a caring person is always a good way to get better. Talking will allow you to empty your heart and get the opinion of someone outside the relationship. Also, going to see a shrink can help.

Cut off the relationship for good

Yes, make him disappear from your life as if he never existed. Cut all ties that connect you, whether on social networks or in real life. Avoid having friends in common and the places he likes to go, and don’t venture out on his usual path.

Take your mind off things

It’s a good idea to find a fun activity to keep you busy and to avoid having his image in your head all day long. So, think about reading, doing a puzzle, going to a restaurant, spending an evening with friends, playing sports, etc. There is no shortage of ideas!

Don’t make him an ideal

You may think that he was ideal and beyond reproach. That said, there are certainly little things that upset you in his behavior, his way of being or doing. Think about it and tell yourself that the perfect person does not exist.

Go out and get a date

Go out, have fun and enjoy being single. Dare to reach out to others and let them approach you. Meeting new people will never stop being a good way to get over a breakup.

Focus on yourself

Give yourself some time and take care of yourself, go to a beauty salon, go shopping, change your look, etc. In addition, focus on your work to pace yourself and grow in your career. This will increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities.


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