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Does the solar revolution work like the astral chart?

Are you impatient and want to know what can happen to you during your year? Don’t worry, there is a way to do it, thanks to astrologers. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the solar revolution and show you how astrologers interrogate the stars to establish your solar chart.

What astrology hides!

Astrology has been around for a long time, this study is based on the positioning of the planets and stars at a very specific time. It is the moment of your birth with the date, the hour and the precise place of your birth. You can find several types of astrological analysis, such as

  • the astral chart ;
  • the natal chart ;
  • the solar revolution;
  • the astrological sign.

All these elements will reveal things and give you information about your personality or your life path, but with differences in the period and duration of the analysis.

What is the solar revolution?

The solar revolution is similar to the astral chart, it is, itself, considered to be a chart mounted during a specific time of the year, which is the return of the sun to its first position. To better explain this concept, the sun makes a complete twelve-month turn around the zodiac. At the end, it returns to its original position, this return determines what is called the solar revolution.

The solar revolution is very similar to the astral chart and, in its form, to the natal chart. Indeed, it has exactly the same characteristics and the same signs, that is to say :

  • the house planets ;
  • the planets in sign ;
  • the astrological signs ;
  • the ascendant and descendant;
  • the middle of the sky.

After having this result, astrologers make their analysis step by step to be able to determine the characteristics of your next year concerning several aspects.

Why do a solar revolution?

The solar revolution, like any astrological study, allows you to know certain characteristics of your personality, your future, and even your relationships. But you should know that since the beginning of this practice, until today, it has evolved a lot. Nowadays, it touches on other much more interesting aspects, such as personal development or psychology. Indeed, by answering some of your questions, the solar revolution allows you to reassure yourself and sometimes even to work on yourself.

On the other hand, the solar revolution allows you to know the planet that influences you the most. You should know that it is very important to be aware of it, because for astrologers, the planets are the masters of time and they determine the moment of each event. During your life path, you may have three or four planets, if you analyze them well, you will know the atmosphere of each phase of your life.

Since the solar revolution is a chart that contains a lot of information, it is important to follow the right method of analysis in order to have a clear and understandable result. If you do it correctly, you will get the answers you are looking for and you will even be able to get very real and precise dates concerning important events in life, such as a wedding or an engagement.

The calculation of the solar revolution is not very easy to read and decipher, you must be a connoisseur and you must know each element, what it corresponds to and what it transmits to you. But don’t worry! Nowadays, there are astrologers who can read it for you and give you a clearer picture of your result.

In conclusion, the solar revolution is an astrological study that tells you what your year has in store for you each month and what you will experience as events and trends.

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