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Discover the difference between the horoscope and the astral chart!

Do you like astrology and want to discover more? Then you should already know some things and learn about different concepts, such as knowing the difference between a horoscope and a star chart. In this article, we will talk about these two concepts and try to see what distinguishes them.

What is astrology?

Astrology is a practice and an art that consists in studying the supposed influence of the stars and planets at a given time, generally, the day of birth. This study will allow you to have information concerning your life, your personality, but also and especially, on the events that you will live as well as your relationships. Some people become addicted to astrology and even consider it a true belief. They feel the need to redo an astrological point at the end of each period, that is, after a month, a year or several years.

To practice astrology, you can follow several methods, such as consulting your horoscope or calculating your astral chart. These two techniques will lead you to a result that may differ, due to certain differences that characterize them.

What is a horoscope?

A horoscope is a study of the stars. It is usually carried out for a short period of time, in other words, the results given by the horoscope can only be reliable for a short period of time. This analysis takes as reference several elements of the sky, including:

  • the moon ;
  • the planets;
  • the sun.

The horoscope is much less personalized, as it provides you with information about the events you will experience and the major trends in your daily life, based on your astrological sign. This means that everyone with the same sign has the same outcome and is likely to experience the same thing.

Today, astrologers are trying to find ways to give you a more personalized horoscope. For this, they have already found a solution and they suggest you read the analysis that has been done for your three astrological signs, which are:

  • the ascendant ;
  • the lunar sign ;
  • the solar sign.

All these signs will give you more information and will allow you to enlighten yourself about different aspects, because each of them has a specialty. For example, the Moon sign is mainly based on the feeling of people, so it will give you information, what you can feel and sense during this period. On the other hand, the ascendant is very interested in the relational and social side.

What does the birth chart do?

The birth chart is an astrological study that allows you to obtain information about your personality. It is considered to be very personalized. Indeed, to have access to your natal chart, you must mention your date, time and place of birth.

The calculation of the natal chart is a bit complex, so you must be a connoisseur in order to know what it tells you about your life. Moreover, it contains several astrological notions, such as the position of all the planets, the astrological signs, the descendant and the ascendant, the house planets and finally, the midheaven.

You must follow certain steps to read the birth chart, since each astrological element refers to something. This is how you will decipher the design of your life path.

The birth chart is mainly based on the personality of the individual, in fact, most astrologers call it the astrological identity card and this is where the difference between it and the horoscope lies. The latter is a predictive reading about the events of your life and the major trends of a certain moment and it changes each time with the astrological signs.

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