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Be able to read the signs of breakup in your man

It is well known that men and women think and react differently. A woman is more sentimental than a man and gets attached more than him. In the life of a couple, everything must be shared, love and honesty too. However, men express themselves differently.

When a man wants to break up and does not know how to say it openly, he shows, therefore, certain signs to get the message across, hoping that his partner will take the step that he could not do himself.

The behaviors of a man signaling his desire to break up

Sometimes you don’t see this separation coming. In shock, you feel guilty or press your ex wanting to understand the reason, and yet everything is clear. Everything happened under your nose, without you realizing it.

The signs were there, in front of you, but you didn’t realize it.

Establishing physical distance

If one day you start to feel that your man is becoming more and more distant, he avoids physical contact with you and no longer holds your hand outside or at home. This is one of the signs that he wants to break up.

The installation of communicative distance

A couple usually communicates all the time, even if they have nothing to say to each other. A constant contact keeps the link between the two, by texting, social networks, calls … If you notice that your lover no longer communicates with you, his calls and texts are increasingly restricted, even if you contact him, there is no follow-up to your messages. This can be a sign of a hole that is growing between you.

Staying out as long as possible

A man in love is always in a hurry to get home to his lover, but if not, the situation becomes alarming. Men, in order to escape their disagreements or problems in their relationship, prefer to occupy themselves with anything than going home. They find a thousand and one excuses and reasons to justify their absence.

He doesn’t have fun with you anymore

Even if their tastes and interests are different, a couple in love always finds a way to have fun together and develop common passions.

A man who is disinterested in spending time with you or who is bored in your company or is looking for other passions of his own, is a man who is trying to send you a clear message.

Don’t consider long-term plans with you anymore

At the beginning of every serious relationship, a couple maps out their life together and sets up plans to make and dreams to achieve, which they continually update. If one day you see that your man is no longer enthusiastic about talking about this, it’s because he doesn’t want to think about it anymore. And he doesn’t want to make plans for the future with you, because he doesn’t see any.

He’s looking for the little beast

If your man reserves your daily bowl of quarrels for you, it is his way of pushing you to the limit in order to make the decision to leave him by yourself.

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