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All about astrology and the birth chart

Since the dawn of time, man has been intrigued to know the future, but also to know himself, and to find his place in this vast universe. Convinced that he is closely linked to his surroundings, astrology has emerged as the key discipline for him. It allowed him to discover that he was part of an infinite number of creatures and objects, all linked.

It is through astrology and the astral birth chart that this will become a reality. Thus allowing the human being to go beyond what he can touch, what he can reach, to better understand himself in the universe.
Why this return to astrology?

For a few years now, more and more websites, Facebook pages and blogs have been offering different services related to astrology. One wonders what this pseudo-science can bring to humanity. Is it really possible to know these things, just through astrology and its sub-disciplines?

Astrology and the astral birth chart, what is the relationship?

Astrology is defined as the discipline that allows a professional in his field to study the character of each individual. This is done in the light of the different astral positions. However, the birth chart seems to offer much more.

Indeed, the global and exact vision of the sky, at the moment of an individual’s birth, could, according to these specialists, have an eternal impact on :

  • the person’s life
  • his character ;
  • his choices;
  • his qualities, as well as his defects.

Should we believe everything we read about astrology and the birth chart?

The answer is a big NO, because let’s remember that between :

  • astrology ;
  • astral birth chart ;
  • clairvoyance ;
  • cards and tarot cards.

Everything is a question of interpretation of signs. Signs whose meaning is not a stable or fixed value. Indeed, this value changes from one society to another, from one culture to another, but above all from one era to another. A real circulation which makes it an unstable measure, to reduce the whole life of a man to the interpretation of a series of signs.

Then let’s also remember that NOBODY can predict the future, it’s a fact, it’s scientifically impossible (for the moment). But it could be if we manage to travel in time. Let us remain optimistic!

Astrology and birth charts, who influences whom?

When we know that the astral birth chart is a means for specialists in this field to :

  • establish the profile of an individual ;
  • to know the traits of his personality;
  • to know what are his strong points, his weak points;
  • to have an idea of their qualities;
  • to better advise them on their future.

We can ask ourselves: who influences whom? Is it because people with this potential as a leader are all of the sign of Leo, that we necessarily say that all those who are of the sign of Leo are? Or is it because we know that Leo is a leader, that we necessarily become one?

What to remember in 2022 about astrology and the birth chart

The most important thing to remember, after this article and so many others on the subject of astrology and the birth chart, is that there is no fatality in life. We become what we want to be, which is why personal development courses exist. Because otherwise, everyone could have been satisfied with knowing their birth chart, without trying to become better, to achieve goals in their life.

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