Wrestlemania 30 Results and Conclusions

We wait for Wrestlemania for year when it comes, it make the impact which remains for the next year. This year’s Wrestlemania was one of the best Wrestlemania we have ever witnessed.

On the start there was the Host of Wrestlemania 30 the immortal Hulk Hogan and just when he said we will witness awesome moments Stone cold music blow up the roof of Super Dom. And after some lines of Stone cold then come, the eye brow raising People’s champ The Rock. All 3 made the audience stand up to their chairs.

After that we saw match that was spectacular, Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan. The entrance of Triple H was one of the best entrances we have seen for Triple H. His entry was like a king, the king of kings. The match went very nice, Triple H even delivered Pedigree to Daniel Bryan but Daniel Bryan was on hell. He not just only kicked out but also won the match and entered himself in the main event match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

After that there was another superb match of my favorite superstar John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Bray’s entry song was sung by his entry music singer live. The match went fantastic, Bray tried to prove that John Cena is a monster but he was wrong, John Cena fought against the odds and burned his fear and won the match to fulfil his legacy.

After that there was Kane and the New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield in which Shield was victorious. After that there was 30 men Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal which was totally boring and in the end Cesaro lifted Big Show and slammed him outside the ring like the Hulk Hogan slammed Andre the Giant in the ring at Wrestlemania 3. After the match Cesaro lifted the trophy and celebrated his victory.

After that there was Hall of Fame Ceremony preview and then the Hall of Fame class of 2014 appeared and was introduced one by one including the beautiful Lita, the Ultimate Warrior and Razor Ramon etc.

After that there was the most memorable match of all time, The Streak vs. The Beast. The history was made on sunday; Brock Lesnar Defeated the Undertaker after delivering three F5s. The streak is broken and now there will be no more Wrestlemania for the Undertaker.

After that there was Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship invitational. The match was very good we even saw Brie Bella fought against Nikki Bella but in the end AJ Lee made Naomi tap out by her Black Widow submission ad retained her championship now she is holding the title for 294+ days which is the longest reign ever for the Divas Championship.

After that there was the time for the main event, Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan. The match went back and forth, Daniel Bryan was severely injured by the Batista Bomb and Randy Orton RKO through the announce table. But Daniel Bryan did not quit he was there to win. Even Triple H tried to interfere by entering his fixed referee in the match but this was not enough to put out Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan was unstoppable. When Triple H tried to interfere in the match he got knocked out by a slash hammer delivered by Daniel Bryan. After all the kos and outside the ring Daniel Bryan did it, he made tap Batista and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!!

Wrestlemania 30 was off the hook and it sure made a mark in the coming future of the WWE.

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