I Wish I Could Fly

Dreamed I was standing in my back yard. A few other people were there. I heard birds calling and when I looked saw a large number of white birds in they sky. They were flying east. A few minutes later there were large fish swimming through the air. They were much closer to the ground than the birds had been. I was able to pet one of them. He shimmered with that iridescence fish have. He did not shy away from me. More than once I remarked to a person standing near by that I wished I could fly like those fish, that I would be satisfied with that.

A few minutes later a very powerful wind came and it came very suddenly. It was the strongest wind I have ever experienced in the diurnal or the dream world. Once I was blown a few feet. A minute after that, after I had taken shelter, a down pour of rain came. It came just as suddenly as the wind. The combination of wind and rain made seem like a dam had broken and water was pouring across the land.

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