Win or Die – My Dream Story

My Dream Story:

Last night I saw a dream that I am a fighter. I use swords and other fighting gadgets but I don’t remember them clearly accept sword because sword was always with me. I was in a duel like scenario where I fought different men and won by putting sword on their throats and ask them to quit. If they say quit, fight is over. In the final round I had to face a woman who held record for seven year not losing a single match. I was ready to test my skills but I didn’t know the rule of last round when my fight was about to begin referee announced the final rule is to Win or Die. I was stunned to hear that the only way to win is to kill your opponent. I knew I had no chance to win because she was the champion for seven years and she would not hesitate to kill someone because she has done this seven times before. I went to her room to ask her to abundant this rule but she refuses and she said she will do anything for money. When the fight was about to begin I started shouting that I don’t want to do this and I ran off.

And I woke up..

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