I Tried To Fight


I love happiness

 I adore togetherness

I defy loneliness

And the life of bitterness 


Why did you bid farewell?

Now I’m very unwell

Tomorrow can never tell

How to live a life of hell


There’s no hope for my life

This is the end of the line

I am going to die

There’s no need to survive


Now I will take my life

 In this dark and restless night

To end the pain I’m feeling inside

To end these tears in my eyes


For everyone I need to become strong

Learn how to stand alone

To take flight in any storm

To survive and keep going on


I have to leave thee

But I’ll keep thou in my memory

Even I’m in the depth of agony

I’ll come back no need to worry


My life is sinking

But I can’t stop from breathing

I have to keep on trying

I will keep on holding


I save so many lives

I have no regrets even if I die

Forgive me for I have to close my eyes

At least, I tried to fight for my life

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