Three Dimensional Landscape – Dream Story

I don’t remember most of the dream except for the end. I was running down a corridor. I kept running and suddenly, something made me collapse. What felt like minutes later, I opened my eyes to see nothing but a three dimensional landscape covered in green. I couldn’t move, I was still trapped. But I was no longer in reality. I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t hear or touch. All I could do was watch.

Then, the layers of green began to slowly peel off. I was back in reality again, but time was escaping away from me. It was as though for every second the real world traveled, I only traveled half of a second. The world was running away from me through time. But then, the peeling continued, but much faster. I was ‘peeling’ through microseconds of time, frame-by-frame. Slowly but surely, we eventually caught up to reality. I could breathe again, but I still couldn’t move faster than the peeling. Then, I slowly got up, but I could still feel as though I was travelling through time, not through space itself. Time was a constricting factor, and it felt as though I was in playdo or goo of some sort, moving only forward as behind me was filled. There was only one possible path.

Then, I felt my roommate pulling me out of the playdough and I awoke, alone in my bed.

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