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My Vision for Pakistan Education 2025

My vision to make Pakistan batter is to provide compulsory and good quality education to all the school-going children regardless of their economic or...

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything Happens For A Reason: It was very surprising to see Jenifer’s name in the payroll of my company. At first, when I saw her name, I was amazed and thought it was a different Jenifer. But,

How my First Date got Crushed

I still remember how my first date turn into a disaster. Well first let me tell you the background of the scene, i was the only Programmer in my class and all the girls were behind me

My Examination Memories

My Examination Memories: I remember the “more sheets” competition in our GCE and WASSCE. Always collecting more sheets, especially in “story” subjects like economics. In JSS 3, I remember how one of my classmates who had asked for

My Diary

My Diary: When the final selection was announced I was ecstatic; for me it was a dream come true. For long I had wished to participate in the drama festival held each year at my university, but

They Thought I Was Asleep

With the sun setting fast on another beautiful, autumnal day, Granville Ptarmigan-Rhodes adopted the feotal position and soon found himself dreaming of a past life; a life of privilege, of wanting for nothing, from boarding school through

Deductive Reasoning

Neighbor 1: “Hi, there, new neighbor, it sure is a mighty nice day to be moving.” New Neighbor: “Yes, it is and people around here seem extremely friendly.” Neighbor 1: “So what is it you do for

How To Make A First Class In The University

It is true that the method of assuming academic success is not applicable to everybody. However, there are specific principles that you can follow in order to guarantee academic success during your time at the University. The