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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. One day after a heavy meal. It was sleeping under a tree. After a while, there came a mouse and it started to play on the

True Friends always supports and stands by you

Once two friends were walking through the forest. They knew that anything dangerous can happen to them at any time in the forest. So they promised each other that they would remain united in any case of

Eid Mubarak to All

Eid Mubarak to all reading this in Pakistan. Eid Mubarak to your Family, Friends and all the Muslims around the World. Enjoy this day of Eid and remember; just like you went to Mosque to offer prayers 5

Say NO To Bullying

From preschool on through college, parents, at least my parents, have never known quite the right encouraging words to say when it came to bullying. For if another stole your favorite red crayon, you were expected to

Mix Business And Pleasure

When it comes to ended relationships, there are a lot of comparisons to real life. If you crash in a plane, you will end up between broken materials, pain, and in worst cases, death. You will lie

10 Cool Things You May Not Know About Smartphone

You’ve had your smartphone for a while, but let’s face it: You’ve never read the manual. You take great pride that you know how to use it, and then it happens: You see someone do something extraordinary

If You Love Someone Tell Him As Soon As Possible…

If You Love Someone Tell Him As Soon As Possible… I kept myself away from this feeling  all my life. But for you, all it took was one glance at me. One glance. One smile. No matter

10 types of Man a Woman should not Marry

1. The Late Night Texter: You know, the guy who only texts you after midnight. He’s the guy who only contacts you when he wants something, or someone to talk to. You can go weeks without hearing

Intellectual Ways To Increase Your Intelligence

Intellectual Ways To Increase Your Intelligence: 1. Minimize Television Watching – This is a hard sell. People love vegetating in front of the television. The problem is watching television doesn’t use your mental capacity OR allow it

Imaginary Friend

A little girl named Molly who was eight years old had a very sad life. She was an only child, who had a single mother who worked all the time, a horrendous nanny who always sent Molly