The Story Of Two Brothers Final Part

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“That cut on your arm,” Shane pointed.

Shawn pulled his sleeve down “Nothing.” He went to the table and sat down. Shane shrugged his shoulders. He had to hand it to Shawn; he definitely knew how to lie. He was about to join Shawn at the table when their father stepped into the room. Victor was wearing his red plaid pajamas. Shane attempted to hold back a laugh and Shawn just shook his head. Victor sat down at the table.

“Which one of my great children made this good-looking breakfast? Was it my son or my daughter?” Victor looked directly at Shane when he said “daughter”.

Shane’s smile went away just as quickly as it had come. It was bad enough people at school sometimes mistook him for a girl, but for his own father to use it as a joke…that was just rude. “I’m not a girl.”

“I know, I was just messing. So Shawn how goes it with your girlfriend?” Victor turned to his other son. Shawn didn’t answer. “Shawn, are you listening?” Shawn remained quiet. He wasn’t in the mood to hear his dad speak; he didn’t even want to talk himself.

Shane was shocked. Shawn always talked to their dad—never to their mom or him but always to their dad. What’s with him today?  “Uh dad,” Shane tried to lighten the mood “maybe you should just leave him alone.” Victor shrugged his shoulders and began to eat his breakfast. Shane began to eat too but stopped when he noticed that Shawn had pushed his food away and put his head down on the table. Was Shawn sick? No way. Shawn never got sick; it was like he was immune to everything. What was wrong then? That second, Shane caught himself. Why should he care if there was something wrong with him? After all the pranks and physical pain Shawn had caused him, Shane shouldn’t have cared in the least about Shawn’s well-being. But something tugging at his brain told him to ask Shawn what was wrong, to help his brother, to something for his twin. Shane shook his head. Whatever was going on with Shawn was none of his business and he refused to get involved. Suddenly Shawn got up.

Shawn noticed Shane staring at him; he had figured out that there was something wrong. Shawn got up from the table and went out the family room’s side door that led out to the pool. He really didn’t know what to do with himself. He just knew he didn’t want to see anybody or have people see him. He just wanted to be alone. He stripped down to his boxers and dove into the pool. The water was cool and it helped him to relax and get his thoughts straight. “What’re you doing?” Shawn heard a voice behind him.

He turned around and saw his father with his arms folded across his chest. “I’m really not in the mood to talk with you. Could you please go away?”

“That’s why I’m out here. There’s something wrong with you and your lying to your mother and I about it.”

“It’s none of your business what’s going on with me.”

“You’re wrong. I’m your father and you need to tell me what’s going on. I’ll stay out here for as long as it takes.” Victor lay on his stomach at the edge of the pool and propped himself up on his elbows. Shawn couldn’t believe his father was serious.

“Why do you care anyways?”

“Normally, I probably wouldn’t because I knew you’d get over it. But something about the way you’ve been acting told me to check on you.”

“Dad, I’m fine,” Shawn sighed. “Really.”

“Fine Shawn.” Victor got up and went back inside the house. Shawn closed his eyes. He hated lying to his father but he didn’t really have a choice. Finding out that Shawn was cutting himself would only make them even more ashamed. He dunked his head under the water to make all the thoughts go away. It was better for him not to think about anything.

Shane had nearly finished all his chores an hour before his mother was to come home. The house was spotless just like she wanted. The last thing on the list was to clean his and Shawn’s room. He sighed; that should’ve been the first thing he should’ve done. Oh well. He headed upstairs to begin cleaning so that their room would look at least decent. When he walked in he saw Shawn asleep in the bed. Great. Now I can’t make the bed, ugh. He wouldn’t even make an attempt to wake Shawn up. Last time he wound up with a bloody nose. That and Shawn did look content while he was sleeping. To Shane he looked like Abbadon, the Angel of Destruction, he’d seen in a book. Shane sat down on the bed next to Shawn and just stared at him. His black hair fell softly over his pale face, absolutely beautiful. Shane studied him from the top of his head down to his lips. That’s where he stopped and really looked. Shawn’s lips were the perfect pink and the perfect size. Not too big, not too thin but just right. Shane leaned in closer. Even closer until he felt his lips touch Shawn’s. Then he jumped back. What was he doing?!? Not only had he just kissed a guy but he had kissed his own brother! Shane put a hand over his mouth. He knew if he was going into incest it definitely wouldn’t be with Shawn, of all people. He hated his brother…didn’t he? Shane definitely didn’t feel hatred just a moment ago. No, he had felt a need, a desire, for his brother to wake up and kiss him back. I have without a doubt lost my mind. Shane pulled himself together and went back to the task he had originally come up to the room for. He would speak of this to no one. Especially not to Shawn.

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