Story of a Prisoner Final Part

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Story of a Prisoner Final Part:

Joe looked like he was having fun nearly missing me. I stopped, looked at him and got frustrated suddenly. I picked up the changer and threw it into the ground with force, making a small crater where it now lay out of commission. I asked, “What the hell is your problem?”

Joe shrugged. “I told you I don’t like monsters.”

“I don’t like humans but I’m not trying to rip your throat out right now!”

“Too bad. Deal with it.”

“Screw you.”

I was about to turn to leave when a knife clipped Joe’s shoulder. Well, that may be an understatement. His shoulder basically started pouring blood. I ran towards him and caught him as he nearly collapsed from blood loss. This wasn’t very good at all. I looked at the source of the knife. A tall woman with a craning neck. She was wearing a dark cloak and her straw like gray hair was poking out of the hood. Welcome to the crazy parade.

I looked at her, back at Joe, and decided as much as I hated this kid, it wasn’t worth the cell again. I pushed him up against a tree and attacked the woman. I can’t say she was expecting that. She went down rather easily. Doc came in from the woods, and I looked back to see Joe holding his phone. At least he did something to help. I was still punching the woman when Doc pulled me off. He was really tall compared to 13 year old me. He said, “That’s enough Daniel. What on earth did you do to yourself? You have huge gashes up and down your side.”

I looked down where he was looking and saw huge grooves in my skin that were bleeding as bad as Joe’s one cut. Hmm. I started to feel a little light headed, so I sat next to Joe. We looked at each other, and no matter how close to blacking out we were, we glared and turned our backs to each other. Doc pulled a camera out of nowhere and snapped a shot. The hell? Then I watched in amazement as he turned into a big black dog and dragged the changer towards the pick up vehicle.

Joe muttered, “You saved my life. Thanks.”

“Couldn’t let you die.”

“I guess that means you like me.”

“Way, way, way deep down. Don’t get your hopes up.”


And that’s how Joseph Marks-Connowray became my hunting partner, roommate, and eventually my best friend. But that’s a different story, especially when this ends in such a cliche way.

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