Story of a Miser and his Old Shoes

This story is one of the Arab’s Legendary Stories. Once there was a man named “Zahir”. He was a miser; he always tries to save his money sometimes he saves so much that it becomes a problem for him. He didn’t even buy new shoes. Whenever his shoes get rips he sews them with leather pieces so that he could save money. His friends always told him to change shoes but he didn’t listen. His shoes were so old everyone in the city remembered whose shoe is it.

Once he went to take a Shower in one of the Public Bathrooms took off his shoes at the shoe place (At that time bathrooms were situated at one place called Public Bathrooms). The King of that time also came to take a Shower in the other bathroom and put his shoes besides the Zahir’s shoes. Both shoe’s were almost the same but Zahir shoes were too old and ripped. When Zahir came out of the Shower he saw new shoes just like his shoes. He taught that his one of his friend should have put them there for me so he wore it and went home.

When King came out of the Shower he saw a pair of old shoes is lying where he put his shoes so he called his guards and ordered them to find the thief. One of his guards recognized the shoe and told the King that there are Zahir shoes. The King sent his guards to arrest Zahir and present him in from of him. The Guards followed the orders and presented him in front of the King. Zahir said sorry and told him the whole story. King charged him 100 Dinars for steeling the shoes.

Loosing 100 Dinars Zahir became angry and decided to get rid of these shoes. He went to the river and threw them in it and went to market to buy new one. A fisherman came there for fishing and caught Zahir’s shoes in his nest. He recognized the shoes and taught Zahir should have loosed them accidently. So he took the shoes and went to Zahir’s home. As Zahir was not at home and the door was locked, he saw a window was opened so he threw the shoes from the window and they went straight to Mirror Cupboard and Mirror brooked (as the shoes were become very heavy due to attached leather pieces).

When Zahir came home he saw broken mirror with his old shoes lying beside. He became angrier, he took the shoe s and put them on the roof so that no one could see them and he could save himself by getting into more trouble. But unfortunately a Dog saw the shoes from the other roof of the building and taught they are meat pieces. So he jumped from the other roof to the Zahir’s roof and took the shoes in his mouth and jumped back to the other roof again but when he was jumping once shoe fell off and went straight on the head of a man crossing by. The shoe hit so hard the man’s head got busted and blood started to came out.

When the man came into some senses he saw the shoe that hit him. He recognized the shoe and went straight to the King and told him the Zahir has hit him with his shoes. The King called Zahir and ordered him to take care of the man until he gets perfectly fine and until that he has to pay his every expanse. The man was very wise he knew Zahir is a miser so he took the opportunity and put all of his expanses at him and till the man got perfectly fine, Zahir lost all of his saved money in the expenses.

Zahir was so much angry at the shoes that went to the King and told him to give him a written proof that “These shoes are not my property from now:)

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