Chp.1 Meeting at rest


I’m sitting in the car and it’s like 2 am and I haven’t gotten that much sleep at that time and wondering if I’m in trouble, though I can’t think of anything I’ve done so wrong. “Emma do you know were your father is”.

“He’s in the garage looking for something”. she walks in front of the garage taking a peek through the small window. My mom can be a person who gets into someone’s business all the time and my dad has to really get himself tightened up. “Are you ready Emma”.


“For what?” she looks at me as if I was trying to get on her nerves. “I really don’t know”

“James you didn’t tell her” he looks at her as if she was serious. “I thought we weren’t going to tell her till we got there”. My mom looks at me “were heading to a really important meeting downtown”. “And why was that so important not to tell me before”.

“Emma you do not understand”. Her body shakes in fear like she’s afraid of something. They get in the car and drive downtown, though I don’t understand we have been in these kinds of meetings for 3 years but not like this one, I’ve never seen my mom this serious about going to these meetings. I stare at the book my mom is holding with the words meta cite which means white lights. I’ve heard those words many times but never understood the language they speak at the meetings. I always get so exited to go there because my best friend lexia is there; I call her lexi some times because it’s easier to say.


She stops the car and there are so many cars there that I’ve never seen before, I wonder what this is about. As we get out the car I see lexia’s parents outside the door. I ran to her and asked her why and what are we here for. “I don’t know I thought there was a celebration today but my parents don’t look like there will be a celebration today, they look scared”. “Omg my parents to but do you know why”. She shakes her head. “Ok want to go in”. My mom pulls me over. “We have to stay out here for a while till every one gets here”. We stand here for an hour and every one is here. There were shadows in the bushes mom and dad rushed us inside real fast. What’s going on?

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