Sinus treatment Herbal Medicines

Sinus treatment by Herbal Medicines:

I had Sinus problem for years. I went to many famous doctors like Andrew P.Lane, Nasir I.Bhutti, Jean Kim and Sandra Lin. I even went to several sinus hospitals like John Hopkin Sinus Center, Sinus & Nose- Chennai India, Brandon Regional Center, and St. Joseph Hospital of Orange etc. But no one, no one could diagnose it perfectly.

I was so worried about it as problem was getting serious every day. I couldn’t work properly, couldn’t eat, and couldn’t sleep peacefully. I even can’t take a cold shower. It was so hot in our country that you cannot drink normal water but I had to….because of the sinus.

One day one of my good friends came to my home to see me. I told him the whole problem. He was doing MBBS in Herbal Medicines. He told me to see an Herbal Doctor at Herbal-Basic TCM Clinic – Singapore. I was not in favor of Herbal Medicine as I thought they were poison.

But when my friend forced me to go I went there and took an appointment. My appointment was after two weeks. When I went there and told to doctor the whole situation he told me it will take 6 to 8 months to fix this perfectly. I didn’t believe him as I was seeing other non-herbal doctors for 2 years. He gave me medicines and told me not to eat some things between the treatment.

I followed his instructions and I was shocked and very happy that it was really working. I was getting healthy day by day. I could work properly, I could sleep without hesitation. After 7 month of full treatment my sinus was completely diagnosed and till now I had not even a single issue related to sinus thanks to Herbal Medicines.

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