My Robbery Sin

 I use to tell my-self I never do anything I would regret, but tonight I did something I told myself I would never do. I play the moments over and over again in my mind. Thinking what went wrong how did I get wrapped up in this.

It was just after ten o’clock I stopped off at Mrs. May’s house to deliver to drop off a couple sacks. Mrs. May was in her mid sixties and she had been smoking weed all her life. Her house was always lined with several other old heads. I reached inside what I like to call my utility belt. It’s a belt with a compartment you can zip it open and stash drugs and money in it. Plus the buckle was a knife. As usual I gave her hug said bye to her friends.

On my way to the car I received a call from my cousin asking me to take a ride with him to go get a drink. He was at my aunt’s house two blocks over so I told him I didn’t care I pulled up behind his truck. Pausing taking my time rolling me a fresh blunt make sure I had all I needed. Biscuit started honking his horn. I yelled out the window “Nigga wait!” rolling the window back up talking to myself. “Don’t rush me.” Grabbing my gun out the counsel tucking it in to my shoulder holster I grab two days before. As I got inside his new car I gave it the once over. “That’s what I’m talking about stepping your game up.” “Yeah I picked it up this morning for twenty five hundred.” I could tell by the slight slur in his speech he had already been drinking. A quarter of the bottle was already gone.

After driving through town a while making stops here and there we came up on a worn down white house the yard needed to be cut and the fence was falling apart. I was almost finished with my second blunt. My cousin pulled over and parked. When a old blue Buick Skylark pulled up behind us. A cuz you got one of your hammer with you?” “Yeah! Why.” He simply said “Bet.” As he got out the truck I could see from the passenger side mirror the two men in the car behind us did also they exchange words for a few minutes then the two men started moving around the back of the house. All of sudden my stomach began to fill queasy. My cousin opened the back hatch pulling out a sawed off pump shotgun grabbing to masks. Before I knew it he was opening my door handing me one of them. It only covered the mouth and noise my hat did the rest. I pulled my gun from my holster made sure my clips where close by. I didn’t know what I was going in to. “Wait here until I get the door open.” Biscuit said. he walked up to the door rubbing his arms and chest moving like a straight cluck. A man open the door he was short skinny couldn’t of been to much older than I us. Wham! My cousin blasted him in the face with the butt of the shotgun. Knocking him on his back and stepping inside.

I jumped from the car pulling out my gun keeping it pointed down as I ran to the door. Just as I crossed the threshold I took the safety off closing the door behind me. I dropped my stomach on the floor and my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t hear anything. I could see a woman on the couch crying and screaming. The young man was on the floor next to the coffee table with his hands on his head trying to see how bad it was bleeding. The two white guys were posted up on the wall they came in through the back you could tell by door hanging off the hinges. On top of the coffee table was what looked like two pounds of green, a few ounces of soft, and a pistol.  The boys started loading everything in a pillow case. My cousin yelling trying to get the man to tell him where the rest was as emptied out his pockets taking his rings and chain. When I saw a shadow move in the kitchen I was so scared I couldn’t talk I fired off a round and everyone got shook. Rushing toward the kitchen when I got in there it was little boy who couldn’t have been older than six scared out of his mind. When he saw me he backed up against the wall and I could see from the hole in it just above his head that by the grace of God I just missed him. It was time to go and we ran out my cousin taking the sack with us jumping in to the ride speeding off.

Paranoid and frightened as we rode across state line just in case the boys over there was looking for his car. I rolled up another trying to get over the fact do to my recklessness I almost harmed a child. As we stopped in front of my cousins mothers crib he looked at me. “Here! You forgot pick this up.” Handing me the casing that was discharged from my weapon he also handed me fifteen hundred dollars. I was ashamed and embarrassed my adrenaline was still pumping long after the fact and this was my first and last armed robbery.

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