The Portrait

“Amazing isn’t it?” a man saying that came close to the person seeing the portrait.

“Yes it is quiet fascinating” person answered shaking his head, “Are you the painter?”

“Well yes I am” man saying turning his face to the portrait.

“Is it an inspiration or your brain creation?” person asked.

“It’s my masterpiece” man answered as the person went close to the portrait.

“I want to buy it, how much for this?” person took out his purse and opened it.

“Well it’s $300 dollars” man answered.

Person took out $300 dollar and handed them to the man. Man put off the portrait and hand it over to the person “Here you go sir”.

“Thank you” said the person holding the portrait with both hands.

Man turns back and moved 5 steps and suddenly person came running towards him and smack the portrait on the head of the man. The Portrait frame brook in to pieces and the man fall down to floor in shock as the person yield “Stay away from my Sister!!!”

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