Pain In Life

Pain In Life:

Some may call it an age of having numerous crushes and infatuations while others may view it the other way. One way or the another all that mattered was you. Every passing day a glimpse of yours was the drug I was getting addicted to. A drug which was irresistible and which drove me towards you more and more.

Beyond everything you were a precious friend. I never wanted anything from you except a shed of smile on your pretty face which made my day. But those eyes and that smile made me fall in love with you. But never thought my feelings for you would become my nightmare. I expressed my feelings to you and you broke every kind of relation we had. You became a stranger after that.

The more I saw you, it pained me more to not being able to talk to you. I lost the beautiful relation of friendship that we had. You thought I spread rumours about you. But it was my madly love for you that made me act in am immature way often. I never imagined this ever. I am with some one now. You are also committed. I don’t want you to come to my life again , it will make me weak.

I want you to hate me now. Your hatred will only help me to erase those beautiful moments I spent with you. I thank my stars to have come across you in this life. But as they say some things are not meant to be for ever. I wanted to wake up in the morning and see you smile in front of eyes. But seems like GOD has other ideas. You have given me one the best phases of my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Where ever you are always keep that smile on your face.

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