Once upon a time there lived a mud maker. he was very poor. His wife was not happy with him and was always very angry. He had no child.One day he met a good fairy. He asked to the good fairy for a child. He got a child but he was always very hungry. He was too much hungry that he even ate furniture. A king who had a little cute prince. It was his birthday. The prince was celebrating his birthday. He got lots of presents. Among the many fine presents he received was a beautiful fat duck. It was a pretty lame gift.  It was an enchanted duck, although it didn’t lay golden eggs. But it did lay eggs, by the dozens. By the hundreds. By the thousands. This duck would not stop laying eggs, and before long the castle was filled to overflowing with white, flawless eggs. The king, who had high cholesterol to begin with, was very unhappy with the situation, and became so desperate that he sent out an announcement, offering a thousand palooza to anyone who could rid the castle of eggs. Hearing this, one of the old mud maker realized he had  an to answer to his problems. He brought his boy to the castle. He said to the king that his boy will get rid of the eggs. And with that, the mud maker let his son loose and the boy dove into the palace of eggs and ate like he never ate before. He ate them scrambled and deviled, over easy and over hard, sunny side up and dark side out. But those jaws didn’t stop there. The boy also ate the duck. He ate the tables, the chairs, the walls, the floor. And then the situation got really bad. The king called for his fastest horse, sped to the cottage of the mud maker. The king asked him to take his son back. The mud maker refused. The king ordered him. Mud maker said sorry and refused. Then king offered him to take his boy back and he’ll give him a kingdom of his very own. The mud maker didn’t need to consult his financial planner about that one.  That was a deal. The king returned the boy  to the old mud maker and the mud making family moved to a far-off land to rule over it. The mud maker’s wife solved their son’s eating disorder by giving him mud pies, which as we all know is enough to kill anybody’s appetite. And to make certain they would never be troubled again, no food was allowed in the kingdom. The people were always famished and so the tiny country was called Hungary. And they all lived happily, if thinly, ever after.

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