How To Make a Girl Notice You

Here are some tips to make a girl notice you:

  • Make eye contact- don’t look for long.
  • Always smile when you are around her
  • Always say hi/hello or just greet her
  • If you enter the same bus always try to sit next to her
  • Always be alone when you are around her so she won’t fall for your friend
  • Never claim to be what you are not
  • Know her favorite topics so you can use it to start a conversation
  • Never talk about any *** related topic on the 1st day cause she might find it offensive
  • If you are his/her friend on any social media try to like, retweet or quote her pictures or make a comment don’t do it often cause you might look like a stalker
  • Compliment her cloth or makeup.
  • Don’t act razz or manly just to impress


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