Love is Been Not Good For Me

When a Man start feeling what he has never had experience of feeling before; then permit me to say that “indeed that man has felt LOVE itself.”

More of me was given to Love than to Passion or Pleasure.But I     often ask myself, What am I doing?,

    Why should I waste my youth?

    and when will i ever make up for the lost passion?

the following can proffer solution,to your guess.

There are two Mighty White Bird’s Sitting In My Heart.

One named Passion, One named Love

Fly away Passion, Fly away Love

Come back Passion, Come back Love

Come back two Mighty White Bird’s and Sit In my Heart.

    Both never came back together it’s either one or None.

    If any Man ever had need of Compassion and appreciated it, but do not derive comfort from it.

     “I am that Person”

    I have come to believe that the Ultimate pleasure of Love is when both Party keeps to there promise, and not the excitement derived from coupling.

    for the later never last other than the moment of their intimacy,

    and the former outlast both the man and the woman,witness to it is the proof of there progeny.

    The feeling in my Heart and the feeling in my Soul is to gain for myself the Purest form of Love,i never had pleasure or passion in mind.

    From my tender Youth until now, I have been Aflame(besieged) beyond all measure constantly with arduous and improper Love.

    Extremely difficult to bear,simply because of the cruelty of the Ladies I have Loved, and worse still the Overwhelming

    Passion Kindled in my mind by my unrestrained desire, which since it would not allow me to rest content with any acceptable goal,

    often caused me to suffer more Pain than was necessary.

      In my suffering the pleasant conversation and the admirable consolation of friends, that i should have given me much relieve,

    this i never had. Why I haven’t been Dead by Now I Wonder’.

    Going through all those action which should enable Me to acquire the favor and the Love of a Lady, I was in spite of all this constantly unable to satisfy their desire and most often ended up in desperation to make them recompense for every act they perpetrate in those circumstance.

    I have tried so many times neither do i know how, I would have been capable of freeing myself from the bonds of Love.

        Up till now “Love” has left in my mind torment and Suffering;actually it has presented me with no sense of Delight at all no matter how  insignificant.

    Sometimes to myself i suggest that “comfort should strictly be made available to people genuinely in need or deprived of it.I believe it should be         available where the need is greatest, for there it will be the most useful and the most appreciated.

    Who will deny that comfort, in no matter how insufficient is more fittingly bestowed on charming ladies than on men.

    Love is what i beg,in freeing me from this bondage.

    To have compassion for those who suffer is a human quality which everyone should possess.

    Especially those who have required comfort themselves in the past and have managed to find it in others.

    God know i endure all that love brings with a tranquil mind.

    Beautiful are Women, yet they were often referred to as Evil.

    Let me ask this simple question, Are Evil things made like that?

    As far as i know,I have never seen anything more pleasing or beautiful than they.

    please don’t bother to give me reason for the stigma,i believe i know that there behavior is the worst of all,even more than that of the devil itself,for if they want something for themselves they never look back or reconsider as men will do until such is granted,either Nobly or Unjust.

    I do not know why women make the mistake of looking down on Men and considering them of little worth, for if they would only consider their own

    Nature’s as well as the quantity and quality of the Nobility God has bestowed upon Man above many other creature, they would be proud to be loved by a Man and will hold him most dear.

Seeking to please him in every possible way, so that he would never stop loving them.

    I am disposed neither to deny or beg any Virtuous Lady my Love to bear; If the former would not avail me, I do not wish to avail myself the latter

    because i do not plan to chose my Lady at random, as men do, but i hope to chose her over all others with deliberate consideration and careful             forethought, so that the two of us could enjoy the satisfaction of our desire to the maximum, even if time will not permit us to live Longer.

As an unrequited and Suffering Lover, I feel as if I am dying a thousand deaths, and yet not one bit of Pleasure is granted to me.

If you ever meet me,

        and you have decided to Love me..

            please always remember this about me;

I am

and I am Not

 A kind Man

when it comes to Loving.

Help me Up,

If i fall down,

and prop my head against the Wall if need Be.

    I have not lost the memory of favors i received from those who were unusually touched by my heavy burdens, nor i believe will this memory  ever pass, except with my death..

    And because it is my feeling that gratitude is the most praise worthy of all qualities, and that it’s opposite the most worthy of all reproach, I am

    using this medium to say “Thank You”In order not to appear Ungrateful.

Love from whose Eyes no secret can remain concealed”

        Love, is more powerful than either You or I”

        if not i would have asked for better treatment from it time the need Arise”

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