My Love My Mother

What a lovely, deep felt, free verse mother poem.
What a lucky person to have a mother like this and to appreciate her so much,
 and to put all these feelings in a sincere mother message!
I just wanna say Love You my super mom.
I did not ask for more but to have someone like you.
I know I’m really blessed to have the love you give to me.
You bring out the best of me;
No one knows me better than you do.
You’re my shining star,
My everything I ever wished for.
You brighten my day whenever I feel blue;
I feel OK whenever I hear your voice.
You’re my light when I’m in the dark.
You lift me up when I’m down on the dusty ground.
You’re my strength when I’m weak,
My eyes when I’m blinded,
The brains when I couldn’t think.
You give me a reason to live, which is for you.
I may not have everything I want and need,
But with you I have everything.
I love you today, tomorrow and forever.
You’re the best mommy in the whole wide world.

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