The Love Bytes Part 2

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The Love Bytes Part 2:

Unlike St Mary’s, St Bruts was a boarding school, and it was very seldom that the boys were allowed to leave school property.

When they were, they didn’t often meet girls their own age. So here, too the spirits were higher than usual in the days before the dance.

Throughout all the buildings and all over the schools property you could hear the steady hum of excited conversations.

One of those conversations was to be heard on the basketball-court behind the main building, where a group of seniors was to be found.

“Yo, Ron!” one of those students said to another, “Do you remember last years dance? How Johnny used this really bad line hit on a girl and she slapped in the face?!” Ron laughed.

“Hey, the line wasn’t that bad. The girl was just in a bad mood. She would have slapped any guy that talked to her that evening.” Johnny said in his own defense.

“I don’t know,” Ron replied, “it was a bad line. Oh, and Jake, do you remember the year before when he ate all that rotten shrimp and then wanted to that one girl, and barfed all over her shoes?!”

“Yeah or the year before that when he—“

“Okay, okay!” Johnny interrupted, “I get it in past years I haven’t been all that lucky when it comes to the ladies. But at least I try. I’m not gonna name any names, Ron, but at least I don’t stand around at the buffet all evening, trying not to look too board.”

“That’s because all of those girls are the same: vain, stuck up, fashion divas and all they think about is boys. The perfect young ladies when their parents or teachers are around, but drunken, party girls when they aren’t. And frankly that just ain’t my type.”

“Dude, your expectations are too high. If you go on like this, you’ll never find a girl, especially no rich one!” Jake put in.

“Why is everyone always so obsessed with money?” Ron asked, “Who cares if you’re rich or not, as long as you have enough to live on—“

Johnny scoffed and said, “Says the guy whose dad owns the biggest hardware company in the world, the guy who has always gotten every thing he has ever wanted and thanks to whom we have a desktop computer, two laptops, a flat-screen TV and the best sound-system to be had in the entire country, and who has the newest iPhone, the one that hasn’t even come out yet for us mere mortals, in his sports bag over there.”

“That’s true,” Ron answered, “but it’s also quite boring getting everything you have ever wanted and even things you didn’t know you wanted until you got them, it leaves you nothing to wish for. Nothing to work for and then be proud of yourself when you accomplish it, if everything is handed to you on a golden platter.”

He threw the ball and made one last basket and then turned and they walked towards the locker rooms to get showered and changed before their next lesson.


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