The Love Bytes Part 1

The Love Bytes Part 1:

Excitement was in the air at the St Mary Institute for girls, The private school for the daughters of the rich and famous. It was only a matter of days until the yearly mixer with St Brutus Academy for boys.

All the St Mary girls were full of hopes and dreams for the evening that was soon to be theirs.

That is, all girls except for one. Julie Carter. Just the week before her boyfriend Will had dumped her and shattered her heart into a million pieces. Barely an hour passed when tears didn’t spring to her eyes because something someone said or did reminded her of Will. So Julie had absolutely no desire to go to the dance.

But she had promised her best friend Lexy that she would go and she didn’t intend on breaking her promise because of a guy.

Had Julie known the real reason Why Lexy was so intent on getting her to the dance, she probably wouldn’t have made the promise in the first place. For Lexy was planning to set Julie up with a guy from St Bruts, as everyone called the place.

She had already picked the guy and planned how she was going to get them in the same place.

The rest was sure to happen on it’s own, ‘cause Julie was a five-foot-four brunette beauty with deep brown eyes and a smokin’ hot figure, not to mention smart, funny and super nice.

So, it shouldn’t be all that hard to get him to start a conversation with her and then it was only a matter of time till he was completely hooked.

He was a nice good-looking guy, easy to talk to and Lexy was sure Julie would like him.

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