Love And Hate And Hate Again

My love,

You are the only thing I got left,

it has been so long since our last kiss,

and more of it and more I miss.

why did you become so cold?

Or was it me? I never know.


Have I gone astray?

I know now, that this road ends.

Everyone I cared for

dead or betrayed,

tell me, tell me, love,

what have I become?


Was I failure from the start,

or did I fail myself as well?

I have lost my lucky stars,

now the sky is dark and gray.

Unlike the darkness in my heart,

there is some remaining light.


Whatever is out there, keep it.

I will need it no more, I’ve lived my share,

now it’s time for someone else.

No worry, I had more than I could care.

Love and hate and hate again.

I blame no-one, I blame myself.


Don’t you worry, my love,

there never was a hate for you,

only love, if love is true.

I can’t let you wait no longer,

just a moment, before I go,

before my lips touch yours.


The only one who ever loved me,

you had to leave me all alone?

What to do, when you are gone?

Better you not know me now,

monster and a criminal,

no longer victim, I am the crook.


I know what and how to do it.

Not afraid of death, just of dying.

Should have done it, when I could.

I know you are dead and yet still with me,

I can hear you day and night,

and I shall too…


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