A Look In Her Eyes

Think it’s time to play

this little game.

Turn the tables,

make them pay.

Let’s see what the universe

will say.


Time to find myself,

my prize, my prey,

my own puppet to play,

to twist and hurt.

Because, what they’ve done,

I can do too.


I find myself a beauty,

little angel with snowy wings,

so innocent and pure.

Oh, when I’m done with you,

how I will twist you,

how I will torture you!


Sitting by the window,

whispering sweet little lies,

she smiles.

A look in her eyes,

I see the sparkling,

I know she is mine.


I cannot do this!

I cannot break

such beautiful thing!

“I am sorry.”

I leave and locked me in.

You win.


That’s the story I’d like to tell,

but truth and that

went different ways.

Truth is we had few drinks,

we talked, we laughed,

and I took her in.


Seeing her naked beauty,

I tremble,

then start the torture.

Her body desecrated,

tainted with my evil.

But body isn’t goal I’m after.


What a sick pleasure,

tearing her wings apart.

Then reaching for heart,

I cut.

I felt how her soul darkened,

what was innocent is now not.


I quickly left,

she was still sleeping.

There shall be no cure

for her weeping.

Soon she’ll learn

she was mistreated


But I will give her no answers.

She won’t see my face again.

How she is?

I will not care,

I will leave her in despair.

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