Imaginary Friend

A little girl named Molly who was eight years old had a very sad life. She was an only child, who had a single mother who worked all the time, a horrendous nanny who always sent Molly to her room and wouldn’t let her come out. Molly didn’t have any electronics, not even a television, and she didn’t have any toys so when she was in her room, she was depressed and lonely. Molly was home-schooled so she didn’t have any friends. When Molly got sent to her room she would usually climb out her window and lie on the soft green grass where her nanny couldn’t see her and watch the clouds slowly roll by.

One day while she was lying on the grass Molly saw a girl peering around the side of her house, she ran to the girl and asked her for her name. Her name was Emily. Molly and Emily would play with each other every day starting early in the morning and ending right before dark when Emily had to leave. Molly and Emily played with each other for nearly a year, then one day Molly’s mother decided to come home extremely early so she could finally spend time with her daughter. When she got home she saw Molly running around in circles and asked her what she was doing she said, “I’m playing tag with Emily.” She then knew Molly had an imaginary friend.

All of a sudden Molly collapsed and stopped breathing. Molly’s mother immediately picked Molly up, carried her to the car, and took her to the hospital. The doctors worked for nearly an hour trying to save Molly, but finally had to give up. The doctors ran test to see what had caused Molly’s death. After running several tests the doctors concluded that Molly had brain cancer and when she made Emily she worked her brain to hard and it just gave up. Ever since that day when Molly’s mother goes to sleep she dreams of Molly, Emily, and her talking and having fun together.

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