Home Story of a Military Man

Home Story of a Military Man:

He walked in  tall, covered from head to toe with a red cloak, his presence produced currents all over the room. Never had one man produced such an atmosphere all alone.  ” My lady I am no stranger to my matrimonial bed  am I?”  Billienne just kept staring at this impulsive, aggressive man who always conquered the atmosphere around him. “Holy sh*t, won’t you come and give your husband a warm hug, it’s your duty to do so never forget that.”

She got up from the bed, walked like a model that she was and ever would be, she had a stripe less  short pink gown on, it fitted her just perfectly exposing her slender golden skin, her well shaped pointed bre*sts, her slim waists and snappy hips. She was an ideal portrait, such found mostly in work of arts. At one point she crisscrossed her legs, twisted her lips and narrowed her hazel eyes, she let loose her long rich dark blonde hair that curled like wild. She was a goddess of beauty, perfection and seduction. ” My dearest husband is back from the marines after six months to meet his ever sweet and patient wife. A wife that has bore him no kids because ambition, work and power are primary and his only concern. I think I would soon walk out of this!” before she could continue he subdued her with a harsh, deep, wet and hungry kiss. “Walk out of what?”, he whispered, then he let  her loose from his grip.

Brandon Efferson assessed the beauty queen, standing right in front of  him  with her challenging, seductive smile, she was bent on getting what she wanted he noticed. “Speaking of kids, with the way you look we can make six right now don’t you think so?” he asked with a mocking smile visible on his hard jaws. Brandon was rough, stunted, tall, well built, muscular, broad shouldered, broad chested, he was as hairy as a chimpanzee, yet his wild jaw less face coupled with his auburn eyes gave him a wolf appearance. During his days at college and high school, most girls just dated him cause of his wild intelligence and money. He was well aware of this fact, that’s why until 30, no woman could tame him. Only Billienne Scott could tame this man, he would give up everything in his moment of intimacy with this woman, that’s why he always avoided her. What was wrong with him? He wanted this woman like hell, she was his wife but they appeared to be distant friends and it was his fault, mistakes and secrets better left uncovered.

“Listen Brad I love you so much, is there something you aren’t telling me?” Billienne asked, her heart  throbbing with pain. “Something like what? well some thing indeed has changed, I have fallen in lust with my wife once again and I feel like making love with her till she is thoroughly subdued.” on that note, he gripped her, then covered his mouth on her it felt like two currents put together to give a spark, it was indeed meant to subdue her as her heart throbbed, her heart acted like high torrents on sea. Then it ended, he gently laid her on the bed  and spoke in a hoarse voice in pain, he hid those hot burning tears, “I am sorry my love but I can’t continue.” ” To hell with you” Billienne finally found the voice to speak.” I hate you, I hate you so much, you disgust me, get out of my room, get out of my life, tomorrow  I would see my attorney and she will visit you with the divorce papers.” Brandon, stricken with pain could do nothing to calm the situation. He was losing his jewelry, his God sent gift. He made an attempt to hold her but she slapped him so hard, so he turned, took his things and left. “See you in court” Billienne retorted as he left.

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