The Halloween Of My Dream

I was putting my Halloween costume on when I heard something moving in my closet. I turn to the closet door half dressed with a curious look on my face. In my mind, it being Halloween, I thought I was just hearing things or my little brother was playing a prank on me. I walk out the door to my room, down the stairs and as I was about to walk out the front door my father caught me, “Where are you going?” he asked “Out, it’s Halloween I’m going to go trick-or-treating” I replied “No you are not you’re grounded”, “What? Why?” “Your grades mister until you can pick them up you can go out and do whatever, until then you are to stay in this house” I clinched my teeth together “Yes sir” I replied “If mom was here she’d let me go” I mumbled “What did you say?” dad asked “I said if mom was here she would let me go” “Well your mom isn’t here, is she?” “Yeah because of you, you left mom it’s your fault she’s not here, you lazy bum, all you ever did was go to the bar and drink every day, the only reason you have a job now is because mom isn’t here to support us.” “Go to your room” “Why because I’m right” “ I said GO TO YOUR ROOM, NOW! AND DON’T COME OUT” I ran up the stairs enter my room and slammed the door behind me.

I lay on my bed, tears rolling down my face looking at an old photo of my mom, my dad knocks on the door and enters the room, “Are you ok?” he asks looking at the tears rolling down my cheeks, “You miss her don’t you?” I nodded my head “I do too son I think about her every night sometimes I can’t sleep because I miss her so much” “I’m sorry for what I said dad, I didn’t mean it” “It’s ok son I understand, you want to come down and eat?” No it’s ok dad I’m not hungry” “Ok son, I love you” “I love you too dad” as he exited my room I wiped the tears from my face got up and started to change out of my costume and into my pajamas then I heard something move in my closet.

I turn staring at the closet door I hear a bang on the closet door, fear striking me in the face as I walk towards the door slowly the lights start to flicker a chill sent down to my spine I quiver, suddenly the power goes out, I stand paralyzed full of fear, the pounding stops on the closet door still terrified I look around, suddenly I hear steps running around down stairs as well as growling screaming still terrified I run to my door, struggling to open the door, it won’t open panic and fear fully terrified tears building up in my eyes “DAD!, DAD!” I start to cry, the door opens I walk out, start slowly walking down the stairs I reach the last step I see a flashlight on the floor I walk towards it cautiously, I look around I see a girl standing across from me, she was dressed in a long white night gown pale faced long black hair, blue eyes, with what seemed to be dirt smudges on her cheeks, with a slight glow around her, “Hello? What’s your name?” I asked, she giggled, “What do you want?” I ask her, she smiles and replies “I WANT YOU OUT, GET OUT!” she yells in a loud demonic voice running at me, my eyes widened and I reeled back in a defensive stance and she was gone.

I turn around to see if she was there, nothing scared I quickly got the flashlight I look around to still see if anything was there, again nothing. A sense of relief fell upon me, as I was walking to the kitchen I felt little drops fall on my head curious I wipe my head and look to see what was on my hand a red thick liquid I look up and what I saw was heartbreaking the kind of thing that would give a 12 year old nightmares and send them to tears.

I looked up and there I saw my brother hanging upside down with a hole in his stomach in where his stomach used to be, blood coming from his mouth, holes where what seemed to be where his eyes once were. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I walk back to find my back hitting the wall I slide down the wall hands covering my face bawling giving up hope memories flashing before my eyes all the childish things we did, daring each other to do stupid things, like when we jumped into a tree from the house.

It was a in the summer school’s out but the day dragged the sun was out and we wanted to have fun so me and my bro go outside we threw rocks in an empty field next to our house competing to see who threw the farthest as we were going back inside we looked at the roof analyzing the slope it made we decided to get on the house and “chill” sitting on the roof as if it was a lawn chair couple minutes passed still bored we wanted to get down we saw looked at the tree and thought of a movie we once saw, we look at each other and could tell we were both thinking the same thing we discussed who was going to go first both nervous I decided to go first and I take a couple steps back to get a head start I sprint towards the edge of the roof and leap into the tree arms covering my face going through the branches I hit the ground with a thud knocking the breath out of me ending with him laughing at me.

I heard footsteps I look up to see my dad limp holding his side blood running down his forehead I couldn’t help but to wrap my arms around him crying tears of joy, “We got to get out of here now” “Dad it took…” “I know son I know, come on, let’s get out of here”, we run to the front door to find it’s cracked open dad tries to open it pulling with all he’s got it wouldn’t budge we heard a laughter at the top of the staircase there was the little girl I had saw before the door slams and locks she giggled “You can’t leave, it’s still play time” she giggled again “let us out you little witch” dad screamed, “it’s not nice to name call” she said giggling, all of a sudden she grew quiet her eyes widened then she disappeared, temperature all of a sudden dropped and we felt as if something was behind us we turned around to see a pitch black shadow with red glowing eyes it stares right at me looking at me face  to face smiling showing it’s yellow sharp teeth.

Dad hit the monster it turns to him with an angered look, “YOU!” it grabs dad by the throat raising him in the air, “NO!” I yelled it looks at me and smiled, then flicked his finger sending my flying hitting a wall.

Blurry I see my dad being dragged away unable to hear or comprehend I see dad’s face agonizing in pain my eyes close.

I open my eyes dad’s gone, dry blood on my head, sitting down back against the wall sitting in darkness with only the light that shining at the door across from me. I hear something moving upstairs giggling as if a little girl was playing I stand up with the flashlight making my way to the door making a left just before reaching the door a little red ball bounced down the stairs as I approached the first step followed by a giggle from on top of the stairs I make my way up approached the top step and saw the little girl run by me into my room and slamming the door behind her.

I walked to my front door cautiously reaching for the door knob the door swings open I look to see the little girl across the room from me halfway across in the closet. She looked at me and walks in the closet and the door is shut behind her chills going down my spine I started to walk to the closet door going across the room, which seemed to be the length of a football field. I finally reach the closet door I slowly reach for the knob grabbing hold of it I slowly turn the knob and cautiously opening the closet door empty nothing but clothes shoes and extra blankets suddenly the flashlight goes out I try to turn it back on but it was no use.

The temperature suddenly dropped I exhaled seeing vapor come from my mouth. I saw a little red dot I get closer to see what it is, as I get closer to it I see what I sworn to make out as a face. Unsure I leaned closer and I see sharp yellow teeth the door slammed behind me it grabs me by the shoulders shaking me saying my name, “NO! HELP! HELP! HELP!”

“HELP!” I open my eyes I see my dad sitting on the edge of my bed, “Are you ok son?”, “Yes dad” I said with a smile “Yes I am” saying happily coming to realize it was all a dream.

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