Guidelines For A Successful Life

Guidelines For A Successful Life:

Self-judgement, self-reasoning or self-argumentation – whatever u call it, a curious thing that no one can ever ignore or at least should not ignore. Most probably everyone has read about this kind of topics made in various personality development books or in any related forums. But what does it give us in reality? Or do we really need it at all? I am not trying to do any philosophy and do not claim possessing any abstract thoughts. I’m about what do happen in real life and how we react them.

Somehow I heard a quite motivating quotation saying: ‘The life’s real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up‘. This sounds like trying to see the whole picture before you finished drawing it, to feel the end. But how to see the end and how to realize where you are now if there are too much uncertainties? Of course no one can exactly know how is the future is going to look like. But what about trying to alter uncertainties and make them source of inspiration or even ignore them at all?! One can just imagine some when, someone telling him the true story. A man coming from the future telling you how close you were to success. And then, a feeling like you bought a medicine but did not take it to get well. You got a present but did not open it. Can you imagine the sorrow ? Most likely, the steps taken before would be quite different if you realized it when it’s not too late. That’s the main reason why human being should keep believing, trying and not failing to try. Just the matter of the unseen part of the whole image, mentioned above.

Let’s see the second fragment of the story. Surely there can be and will be number of failures. The fact that almost none of the well known and prosperous business men or politicians give speeches about their failures doesn’t mean that they do not exist. Of course they do exist. So, what?! How to analyze the situation ? Certainly there will be so many issues which can be considered as the causes of the case. But what we need mostly, is in fact fair self-judgement. It should be one’s best friend throughout his life. Put the blame only on yourself even if you know there are some other reasons causing your un-success.  Only by this way you will get the most for the next challenges. Only you can judge yourself in a best way. While no one else can hear voice of your heart as well as you do. It does not matter how polite and fair they are, just listen with attention to the judgement of all the people around, but follow your own. Only this will make you stronger in the mean of personality and will bring you closer to success.

Additionally, taking into account that one could not achieve his aim the only thing left is to consider failure as a valuable experiment and to take as much lessons as possible from it. I guess one should be more proud of his failures than successes if he indeed realizes the importance of them as irreplaceable experiences. One should remember flops and forget about achievements as the former have much more to learn from. It is not really important for the moment to know when we are going to use them in our life and even maybe we won’t use them for a long period of time. But they will help us somewhere for sure. There is no lesson taken from previous failures that is useless; which means this is just a matter of time.

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