What a Great Wife he had – A Moral Story

What a Great Wife he had – A Moral Story:

The more she spent, the more he worked. She was his wife. Whatever she said she wanted she got!

She wanted a brand new BMW, she got it!

She wanted to move into a new and more expensive house, they found and moved in!

She didn’t like the grass, they replace it!

She wanted to start a new business that she knew not how to run!

They’d have to invest a huge sum of money to start it, her husband agreed to invest the money just

to make his wife happy. He invested. her business failed! And he ended up thousands of dollars in


The husband was now broke. His health was destroyed and he couldn’t work anymore!

“I don’t need no sick and broke husband!” the wife said, “sick and broke don’t work or make money!”

“Honey,”too sick and broke don’t work; meaning no happy me!” she said,” that means our status as

husband and wife has expired!”

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