Fresh Tips For Fresh Breath

Fresh Tips For Fresh Breath:

Its embarrassing to be speaking discreetly with someone and find the person moving away from u, be it public or private.

Sometimes, u want to passionately kiss your wife/hubby but you cant.

Bad breath is not healthy for any relationship.

It occurs a little in men and mostly in women but they hide it.

So to maintain fresh breath even when you wake up early in the morning, here are few tips that works:

1. Always brush your entire mouth thoroughly, brush your teeth, your tongue, your throat, your upper throat that leads to your ear and nasal passage.

2. Brush at least 2 times in a day if u want to see result. And any other time u feel bad breath and its convenient for you to brush.

3. Please do not use baby soft brush as an adult, it wont scrub off the bacteria entirely, rather use hard bristle brush. Yes u might see few traces of blood, its ok in as much as you are ar not bleeding profusely.

4. Eat what would reduce bad breath bacteria, things like orange, watermelon, lemon, sugarcane etc. And always rinse your mouth after eating, if u don’t, you are simply giving the bacteria room to multiply in millions.

5. Avoid things that could naturally give you bad breath like raw garlic, locust beans, rotten dry fish, foods that are going bad etc.

6. Always go to the white house once in 24 hours, smiley sometimes, the bad breath comes from GIT (stomach).

7. When you brush your mouth, ensure you feel fresh through your nose, ear and your throat otherwise brush again and again. Reason is, it takes just a few bacteria for you to have millions of bacteria in few minutes and then bad breath returns.

8. Lastly, you might need to cure depression and stress, because, its affects your GIT greatly, i advise you take 1 capsule of multivitamin daily (or see your doctor).


If you do all the above am sure your wife/hubby would like to listen while you talk to his/her face without moving backwards and you guys can kiss passionately.

Feel free to ask questions or drop comments.

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