What It Is To Be Free

To be utterly free

Is to remove oneself from the shackles of societal expectations.

We are bound to them by birth

To the fallicious ideologies set forth by others.

Our world revovles around the fast pace concrete jungle

Where we forget to appreciate life’s blessings

Where our focus on achieving and possessing outweighs all.


From the beginning we are shaped and molded to want beyond need.

Our greed imprisons us to become slaves of it’s desires

To achieve success till no end.

You can never want too much 

Nor have too little.

What happened to being satiated when our needs are met

Why must we pursue to endless measure?


When contemplating what defines an individual

Do we think not of what he stands for

How he carries himself

Even how he treats others?

Somehow along the way we lost sight of that.

What is on and under the man

Became far greater that what’s in him.


Public opinion has become sovereign law

Governing the standards of how we see ourselves

Reigning over our own personal bliss

Who am I to judge thy neighbor

Is happiness and success not in the eye of the beholder.


We are all guilty of being superficial and conforming

We let jealousy and greed dictate our lives.

Our possessions end up owning us 

Our insatiable craving fro more consumes us. 

I live in a land of freedom 

Without truly knowing what it is to be free. 

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