How my First Date got Crushed

I still remember how my first date turn into a disaster. Well first let me tell you the background of the scene, i was the only Programmer in my class and all the girls were behind me trying to tease me so that i could guide them in their project. So a group of two girls came to me and asked me if i can teach them C#, one of them was my first girl friend, so how could i resist. I told them if i teach you here in university then other girls also come and ask me for help so they offer me if i could come to their house at saturday to teach them personally. I said YES!! that will be splendid.

So here comes the great saturday, there were matches going on in our university so me and the girls were waiting near the ground for the start of our class team match so that we could go without getting into anyone’s eye. BUT here comes my friend Davis….he came and asked me loudly “Hey John why are you dress up so nicely? ARE YOU GOING ON A DATE?? When girls here that they tought i have told him that we are going to her house. Both girl got quickly outside the canteen and drive away…… :(

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