15 Knowledge Facts About Goldfish Everyone Should Know

Here are some very intresting facts about Goldfish:

*.Fact 1: A goldfish can live for up to ten years.
*.Fact 2: There is a myth that goldfish have a memory span of just three seconds, recent research has proven this to be inaccurate and it is believed that goldfish have a memory span of between three and five months.
*.Fact 3: “Jaws” is the most common name given to pet goldfish by their owners.
*.Fact 4: Goldfish are the most popular pet fish.
*.Fact 5: The Goldfish is not found in the wild, it is the domesticated form of the fish Carassius auratus gibelio, otherwise known as Gibel Carp.
*.Fact 6: It is an ancient species; Chinese breeders were working on producing a goldfish in 960AD!.
*.Fact 7: The original Chinese breeders called the Goldfish “Chinyij” and in Japan it was known as “Kingyo”.
*.Fact 8: The first Goldfish was brought to the UK from China in 1692 by a sea captain.
*.Fact 9: Goldfish can weigh up to 9lbs.
*.Fact 10: Goldfish are cold water fish and prefer a water temperature of between 18 and 20 Degrees Celsius.
*.Fact 11: An adult female can lay 10,000 eggs per season; if the parents are not removed from the tank they will begin to eat their own eggs!.
*.Fact 12: Goldfish can recognize different human faces and voices.
*.Fact 13: Selective breeding has produced many varieties of Goldfish, known as ‘Fancy Goldfish’ and it is believed there are around 300 breeds recognized in China.
*.Fact 14: A Goldfish will learn to recognize its owner and even take food from their hands.
*.Fact 15: A goldfish will turn grey if left in the dark as they require sunlight to produce pigment.

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