Eyes in the Dark

Eyes in the Dark:

It was the perfect night, peaceful, no frite.

We sat by the light, the fire burning bright.

Skeeters biting, but it was still exciting.

None of us knew, what was to happen to us few.

“If I have one more soda I will burst”

“Well at least you won’t die of thirst”


“Theres something out there?”

“Wahhhh there’s something out theeeere.”

We laughed and joked, but no one dared

To leave the tables to see what circled.

Our stomachs full we had no time for bull

But in the night there was an awful sight.

Their eyes shined, one stands, one plans.

“I hear them over there, I’m about to pull my hair!”

“Can’t wait til it’s day, grab the hay!”

The fire burns brighter, but no one here’s a fighter.

“I have a knife, she has a bat!”

“Come on, it can’t be as simple as all that.”

One climbed a tree, another smelled our pee

leaves rustled, we hustled.

One of us hid in the tent, another for his smokes he went,

I was already all but spent.

“Look them up on your phone or I’m going home!”

“Turn on your lights, so we can see in the night!”

We saw our demise in 6 little eyes.

We all went for safety in a nylon shanty

“Do we have any twisty ties?”

“We trust those with our lives!?!?”

“That’s what the phone says.”

“Well, if that’s what the phone says…..”

Some people feed these fellows, all they wanted was our marshmallows.

But we didn’t know that, and we were happy where we once sat.

Were they mass murderers, no just campground scavengers.

They were coons, coming soon, to a good time near you!

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