Expectations Lead You Towards…Episode # 4

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Episode # 4

After some days he sent his parents to my house all was going well his parents accepted me as a daughter in law all decisions were done we were very happy finally we got married happily and the we started our married life pleasingly.

I didn’t realize that my mother in law is not so happy with me i was doing work day and night at home i was trying to proof myself as an obedient daughter but still she was not satisfied i put my all efforts to make her happy but i was failed. One day a girl went to our house she introduced herself as a cousin sister of my husband she decided to stay for some days at our house she said she came to our city looking for a job. My mother in law seemed happy because of her presence.

we got dinner at night together it was a good meeting with all family members and days went by after a week i realized my husband bilal was so confused and at every day we fight it was then our daily routine our fighting getting worst day by day without any valid reason…..


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